General conditions

Enabling you to make choices and determine your future direction is the primary focus of my work

Good research demands an objective approach to facts and figures, always taking into consideration budget and timing.

I usually take the following steps with my clients:

  1. Depending on your product or service idea or your perceived problem I draw up a proposal, based on the available in house knowledge
  2. I then indentify in detail the missing knowledge and develop the research design. My main expertise lies in selecting the methodology most appropriate to your needs. For fieldwork execution I make use of experts within my professional network
  3. The research analysis provides conclusions and recommendations, which will help you in your decision-making process and generate new ideas. I can also ensure the structural incorporation of these in your organization. I always keep in mind that research is not a purpose in itself but is a means to find new insights.

Sustainable partners

Over the past years I have built up an extensive international network and am able to rely on experienced experts, not only in the arena of fieldwork execution, but also of strategic marketing, business planning, organizational and sales management.

Some partners are:





Insight Engineers is an independent Market Research agency, blending consultancy, quantitative and qualitative approaches, for UK and international clients and projects, is specialised in the Automotive, Energy, Retail, Healthcare and Service sectors.


My way of working