For you I will always deliver a product plan, a marketing plan or a marketing advice

This plan or advice will always be based on one of these services:  

• Coordination of research projects
• Stand-in for temporary lack of capacity
• Help with specialist research knowledge, that your organization needs and misses.

Some of the services I offer:  

Management and execution of research projects

Interim-management for market research and marketing intelligence

Training and coaching

Drafting a detailed and transparent research proposal

Handling the overall execution of the fieldwork

Reporting the research findings

Presenting and contributing to the interpretation of the results and advising on implementation

Development of a strategic research plan

Evaluation of your (existing) research plan and proposition of improvement plans

Temporary replacement of your (senior) research manager

Providing extra capacity in times of heavy work pressure

New research development, if your organization lacks specific knowledge

Via workshops your employees will be able to learn how to be more client-focused based on a self developed model

Training sessions developed for your department or a specific target group which are tailored to your marketing issues

Coaching of employees who want to grow in the field of market research and client focus 



My services