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Marjolein van Nieuwkasteele Consultancy for Market Research (CMR) for marketing and market research consultancy

Are you involved in making strategic or tactical marketing decisions and are you seeking support and advise? Looking for an independent expert in conducting market research, research that really matters and contributes to your decision making process? Then I can help you.

As an experienced, independent market research consultant working internationally, I have learned to gain knowledge of clients' sectors quickly so that I can effectively help them with:

- Market research: management and execution of projects
- Interim-management: market research and marketing intelligence. Not only am I able to stimulate increased customer-oriented thinking in your organization, but I am also able to embed it in procedures
- Training and coaching of market research professionals.

This is Marjolein:

- Broad international experience
- Critical attitude
- Persistent
- Extensive network
- Spontaneity with a strong passion for market research, marketing and innovation.

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Consultancy for Market Research