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I have worked for more than 25 years on a wide range of international market research topics gaining experience of complex positioning and branding issues, product development and customer satisfaction, including the Net Promotor Score. My experience also includes communication surveys and estimating the market potential for new products and services. I derive much energy and inspiration from the broad variety of subjects and working environments both commercial as well as governmental, in which I operate. This variety has enriched my knowledge and further developed the quality of my consulting skills.

This is what people with and for whom I worked say about me: I am a creative team player, who is quick to understand the operational field and problems of your organizations' sector and business. I am renowned for being a good listener and am considered enthusiastic, constructive, critical and accurate. I enjoy teaching others and feel at home in a professional environment. I need to be challenged. 

I spent a large part of my career with Philips International working on themes such as NPD and the market introduction of innovative products. I also advised the marketing and sales sections of the organization. As a senior director for Market Intelligence I worked in a corporate marketing department on the development of Sense and Simplicity and headed the Market Research section.

In 2007 I started my own marketing research advisory company in order to be able to work in different business arenas and to develop myself as independent consultant. I am an active member of  Esomar and MOA, the global and Dutch research associations.